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ADHD Assessments

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 

Children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD are often highly intelligent, creative, and full of energy. Unfortunately, there can also be a great deal of frustration. Individuals with ADHD benefit by identifying the areas of their lives most affected by their ADHD.

Proper assessments and working with a therapist can help individuals better understand ADHD, create strategies for the areas of life most impaired, and address any additional mental health concerns that can be secondary to ADHD (anxiety, depression, etc.).

Monica Peak, Ed.S, ALC, NCC, mother of two children with ADHD, also has ADHD herself. She understands the general and unique presentations of ADHD and is passionate about helping others understand the way their brain works best and how to work best with their brain.


Gulf Coast Family Services uses numerous screenings, assessments, and clinical interviews to collect information needed to determine a diagnosis. Initial screenings are sent before the initial evaluation appointment, with further assessments given during and sent following the appointment.

It is best for children and adolescents, when available, for us to obtain information from all parents/guardians involved in the child/adolescent's lives and one or two teachers who know them well. For adults, it is best, when available, to obtain information from parents, spouses, partners, co-workers/friends.

Following the initial evaluation session and once all assessments have been completed and returned, a detailed psychological evaluation report is created for the client, which is presented at a second follow-up session. All reports are reviewed, consulted on, and signed by a clinical psychologist to provide additional confirmation of the validity of the assessments and diagnosis.

Treatment recommendations are provided in the report and, if necessary, referrals for further evaluations.


Assessments Fees

Gulf Coast Family Services is private pay for assessment and counseling services, and we do not accept insurance. However, we offer super billing for clients to file for out-of-network provider reimbursements with their insurance. Please check with your provider to make sure your insurance provider allows such reimbursement. 

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